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A1one : Iranian Graffiti Writer

Proud to be

Although i am always  super-active and confident about what i am doing ,nowadays i am getting  more and more aware of how the world is different from the Stories which i have been heard about in childhood.i must say somehow i have also lived there for a longer time in the stories.
I am Feeling like a Looser in the everyday life.... I have not learnt to hide Feelings or stay cool when there is a lie in between.for people and even for Graffiti people it is normal. Politics of Life ....

I doubt if it is Normal. Politics of life ,Having friends with planning and lies just to get a better job or position.thats what i am glad that i have not learned. Tobe more honest ,i must say i am not glad.... I am a little bit stressed too.I see me falling and i see My own Artist friends and gallery owners who have been a friend too me are now my number one enemy just because maybe they thought this guy can not lie to us and can not lie like us.

In my dialouges with artists ( painters or musicians and also galleries )i always saw a gap between us...a gap between selfishness and  cruelty .I can think some see me like a selfish person. Maybe i am. I can imagine i am selfish. but i can not imagine to have that cruelty  of those people who call me selfish are having.  Cruelty of those who were in contact for years and when i was down by our ignorant government in Iran,all of a sudden they faded away. Friends from IRAN who faded away just because they had no idea about what happened to me.friends from Europe and USA who  were unable to imagine what kind of situation i was in. and Galleries ,dealers etc. who enjoyed the situation and started fishing as much as possible....

I am Proud that my yet unfinished story is not understandable for People.it hurts but it makes me also Proud. I just  hope someday i find some true artists and friends to hangout with  on earth.because one moment of having a real Friend who likes you because he understand and feels you means alot in Life.

They were really alot people (Artists,writers ,film makers.Gallerist etc. who had made friendship with me and i trusted them and gave them support,but at the end!!! it was like another story for them. I do not want to Name some because there is no use of it.but it is boring to live on an earth with temporary people.

-Peace Begins With Thin-King.
-You are So A1one.
-Being A1one is No a Crime.

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گرافیتی و هنر شهری در ایران با تنها

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من "تنها " هستم . روی دیوار ها نقاشی می کنم و هیچ هدف سیاسی ندارم یعنی مشکل اینجاست که اصلا سیاستی ندارم.شایدبرای همین هم هست که روی دیوار ها نقاشی می کنم.نقاشی کردن در محیط شهری را از سال ۱۳۸۲ شروع کردم و گرافیتی ،استنسیل و نقاشی دیواری موضوعات مورد علاقه من هستند
Maybe i am a Vandal or Anarchist But i am glad to introduce my self as one.I am not about politics .But i am interested on social Subjects.Since 2003 I am expressing through Graffiti ,wall painting, stencil spray ,wheatpastes and Stickers in streets of Tehran and other places i will pass in the world! Stencil , Schablone ,pochoir,stampino ,arte della via,Straße kunst,iranien art de rue


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