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A1one : Iranian Graffiti Writer

A Near Future plan

I am Thinking To talk alittle Bit. Had around 15 Years Highspeed life In my lovely Country ,IRAN.I believe with my mates we made a history there.Art,Painting,Culture,Music,Hip hop-Triphop-Experimental all you won't expect had happened around us From Death and prison tortures  to Weddings and Underground parties. For those who came by accident to this place ,i have to introduce me.I am a visual Artist and years ago started to Paint On Walls of Tehran Illegally.
Iran Street ART
After months i got fellows and now we have Iranian Street Art with diverse of new good thing blooming from different cities and also the capital-Tehran.Even graffiti and street art is now known in Arabic countries and more cities of Middle East ,thats an amazing thing i see .But the cool thing is After all stories i ended up in Blindfolded in Prison in Tehran ...blalablablab,Then i choosed to take my life away from IRAN for security of me and my family.

Iran Stencil ART

I am writing becasue there are many many things which should be cleared.i feel i  need to tell my experiences to younger generations in Iran. also and what i see now and what i dream about the future.
Best of luck to all of you and thanks for reading this.
I am questioning me ,if i should write in English or in Persian.easy question ... hard answer

in Next weeks i try to write more.

I have added lots of New photos on My flickr pool, some news on FB

-Peace Begins With Thin-King. -You are So A1one. -Being A1one is No a Crime.

گرافیتی و هنر شهری در ایران با تنها

گرافیتی و هنر شهری A1one blogged!




"Maybe I am a vandal or anarchist, but I am glad to introduce myself. I am not a politician. I am interested by social subjects. I express myself through Graffiti, wall paintings, stencils ,collages and stickers in streets of Tehran and other places I visited in the world! without asking for a Permission"



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