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A1one : Iranian Graffiti Writer

A Page from a Life

When i started to focus on painting walls in 2003 ,my view point was different …then i learned about the word Graffiti and i imagined it as a group of Friends i am going to find with the same mind , taste of unity and Love . for me it was not a problem that i was doing it without permission. i was feeling like a human ,fundamentally living on earth -a bigger home.with all the fears of nights in Tehran and Lights of Police cars for me every night coming back home was an achievement to feel i am a Human and not a Formed Slave.
Time passed and i saw people around me calling me Anarchist, vandal,Artist,Inspiration or asking me if i am having political Aims? if i am having art for Sale or Gallery Shows? for me all these were just words… like the word Graffiti… in my head i was searching for answers and it hurt me. I was feeling a big young power in my soul pushing me on and i was going and going…. seeing more and witnessing different things…. virtues and vices of life … Having moved to Germany after some Problems with the Authority in My homeland,because as a Painter and a human being i can not live under pressure of accusation of being a "Danger for the society" or being banned from any act of public painting.i have been through a lot of stressful moments ,losing connection with my friends,fellows and society itself was just one of the problems which could stop my progress and break some bridges of communication. being misunderstood by the peaceful and mostly connected chain of worldwide writers who have lived a more peaceful life looking for Mottos like Friendship and liberty and being disconnected from my own society who always criticized me by every work i was doing was all like an ongoing nightmare .It hurts a lot while learning and doing wrong homeworks while trying to be focused on the Lesson of Life. I see a stressful side of myself while having me on track for painting… Pain-Thing… things coming from my paint but smiling to the society. In The back it was a crazy soul who had been nude to everyone. All my joys,Angers , loves and hates have been always Nude to everyone and i know not every one can bear it in todays world of Politics and undercover knifes looking like shaking hands with flowers.  
I have heard and seen things like everybody(to be honest i am not sure if what i have experienced is normally like everybody)at least i am sure i am not the very only one,and i can imagine now that the world has seen some Individuals who have passed through it with an extraordinary life ,while the more emotions you pay in living , the more pain comes to you and more times you may have to scream. Now i am going to balance me.having me disconnected from the Gallery Atmosphere for a while After seeing unfair relations which blow my mind,Now i am going to reestablish my online-shop. until i can find a trustworthy person to handle the hard work of managing the way i can connect to the Audience who may appreciate my Art and can understand what is happening .

-Peace Begins With Thin-King. -You are So A1one. -Being A1one is Not a Crime.

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گرافیتی و هنر شهری در ایران با تنها

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"Maybe I am a vandal or anarchist, but I am glad to introduce myself. I am not a politician. I am interested by social subjects. I express myself through Graffiti, wall paintings, stencils ,collages and stickers in streets of Tehran and other places I visited in the world! without asking for a Permission"



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