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A1one : Iranian Graffiti Writer

Updates on Tehran walls but not from Tehran

In the second day of the  Iranian New year and nearly in the 3th year of living in exile i am so glad and happy .honestly it was nearly 2 years of horror and disappointment for me . 3 years of trying to live in a cold and cruel Germany  where the graffiti kids are more like Newyork wannabe Gangsters   and most of the  older are like up-nose people, too much far from the spirit of Art ,while considering themselves as Contemporary urban artists just with technic,marketing and communication network.bitter and funny.

 Two years which thought me the nature of life.i saw how things can go crazy.how friends can turn into enemies ,how fellows can rise up against you  when they find you little bit  Fragile. I learned how a Gallery can smile while he is literally serving an organization or some other plans which you may not even know or imagine.

I learned about things i could imagine but i was hopeful they do not exist in such a close distance in life. what i have experiences in last 4 years was officially a lot.alot for me .but i am glad  i came alive out of those kidnapping,rubbery of my home,backstabbing by those i trusted and was great to know how Journalism works today.

I am not aiming to point out those journalists,publications and papers who use the name to get info and publish it in name of their own people to make their fake kind of Artists.those who made a Documentary with Fake footages and those who supported this  aiming to stop a movement and take advantage of the market and control the poor young talents.  street  art and Graffiti Websites which grow like  mushrooms with no humanist view point. just targeting the market and destroying every real thing they may notice around them.Clean and white gallery with fake makeup-highthills director who does not know even little bit about Art  but sex and luxury. those Graffiti writeres who i trusted and became fakes.... I fuck them all, the emperors of  hype. i do not let any of these into my world and i know the life which i  am doing is nothing like what they're doing.the least thing i  have gained in this past ten years was to know the real faces of many. from London artists,galleries,Agents to festival owners and journalists in US and Paris. So to know them and to know how dirty and unfaithful   they are  is a great thing to witness. this way i learned better about what is going on around me in the real world. what is going on in the news,in TV,inFestivals, in History books in the Art world.

That was the best thing i have gained .Some may preffer earning a fortune out of their Art. but as i believe my art have been  always merged with my life  , i do prefer to live it Real and gain experience.To know who is the guy who calls you his friend,his brother ,a human. how people can change when they feel its the time to take an advantage.
cheers to the world of those who suffer the life gaining new experiences and finding new treasures.
Cheers to all those Iranian Artists who seek a better future,seek a revolution in art,seek to say the truth and they suffered.
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-Peace Begins With Thin-King. -You are So A1one. -Being A1one is No a Crime.

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"Maybe I am a vandal or anarchist, but I am glad to introduce myself. I am not a politician. I am interested by social subjects. I express myself through Graffiti, wall paintings, stencils ,collages and stickers in streets of Tehran and other places I visited in the world! without asking for a Permission"



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